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Are you in possession of some music gear you want to sell but have no idea how to determine the selling price? Fear not! The solution lies in using a reverb fee calculator, which is a web-based tool that can assist you in calculating the approximate selling price for your equipment on, a giant online marketplace for musical instruments and gear.

By considering crucial elements like shipping fees, taxes, and Reverb’s selling charges, this tool provides an estimate of your potential profit. With this information, you can price your equipment correctly and ensure you receive the right amount for your gear.

What is a reverb fee calculator?

In the vast world of musical instruments and gear, it can be difficult for musicians and sellers to determine the best-selling price for their beloved equipment.

Fortunately, technology has provided us with a solution – the reverb fee calculator. This handy online tool operates on one of the largest online marketplaces for music gear,, and takes into account various factors that may impact the final selling price.

How to use a reverb fee calculator?

Using a reverb fee calculator is easy. Follow these steps:

Reverb Fee Calculator

  • Enter item Price
  • Enter shipping price
  • Enter Item cost
  • Enter Shipping cost
  • Select Payment Method
  • Enter Tax per cent

After all the required entry fulfilled then the below show the result :

Reverb Fee Calculator

  • Reverb fees
  • Sales Tax
  • Transaction fee
  • Total Profit

Benefits of using a reverb fee calculator

There are several benefits of using a reverb fee calculator, including:

  • Saving time: Calculating the selling price of your items can be a time-consuming process. Using a reverb fee calculator can help you save time by automating the process.
  • Ensuring profitability: A reverb fee calculator takes into account all the fees associated with selling on, ensuring that your selling price is profitable.
  • Reducing the risk of financial loss: Incorrectly pricing your items can lead to financial loss. Using a reverb fee calculator can help you avoid this risk.

Reverb Fee structure 

Fee type Fee amount Description
Selling fee 5% of the total sale price (including shipping) Charged to the seller for each item sold on the platform
Payment processing 3.19% + $0.49 per transaction Charged to the seller for transactions processed through Reverb Payments (optional payment method)
Withdrawal fees Varies based on the payment method Charged the seller for withdrawing funds from their Reverb account
Promoted listings Varies based on ad placement Optional fee for sellers to promote their listings in search results and category pages
Shipping label fees Varies based on the shipping carrier Optional fee for sellers to purchase and print shipping labels through Reverb

It’s important to note that Reverb’s fees may be subject to change and may vary based on the seller’s location, currency, and other factors. Sellers should review the terms and conditions of their Reverb account for any applicable fees or restrictions.

Different types of reverb fee calculators

There are several types of reverb fee calculators available online, including:

  • First, let me introduce thee to the Basic Reverb Fee Calculator. By utilizing its mystical algorithms, it shall provide thee with an estimate of thy net profit. This shall be achieved by deducting the platform’s selling fees, shipping fees, and taxes. Surely, this is a feat that shall leave even the most astute scholars in awe.
  • But wait, for there is more! The Advanced Reverb Fee Calculator shall take into account additional factors that only the most seasoned of merchants could comprehend. It shall consider PayPal fees, the cost of goods sold, and even marketing expenses! Indeed, this is a device of unparalleled complexity that shall boggle the minds of all who dare to behold its glory.
  • But lo, there is still another marvel to behold! The Reverb Fee Calculator for Specific Categories shall cater to thee, oh ye of specific needs. Whether thou art a guitarist, a drummer, or a keyboardist, fear not! For this calculator shall provide thee with the most accurate estimate of thy net profit for thy chosen category.

Reverb fee calculator tools are available online

How much will I make after fees on Reverb?

The Reverb Fee Calculator, developed by SellHound, is a frequently utilized tool that can swiftly and effortlessly provide an approximation of the total selling fees for your item.

This calculator factors in various elements, including the platform’s fees, shipping fees, and PayPal fees, to provide a precise calculation of your net profit.

To calculate how much you will make after fees on Reverb, you need to consider the standard 5% selling fee and any applicable payment processing fees. Here’s an example:

Let’s say you sold an item for $100, and the buyer paid for shipping which was $10. The total sale price is $110.

Reverb’s 5% selling fee on the total sale price would be $5.50 (5% of $110).

If you processed the payment through Reverb Payments, the payment processing fee would be 2.7% + $0.25. For a $110 transaction, this fee would be $3.10 ($110 x 2.7% + $0.25).

So, the total fees for this transaction would be $5.50 + $3.10 = $8.60.

Subtracting the total fees from the total sale price, your earnings on this transaction would be $110 – $8.60 = $101.40.

Therefore, after fees, you would make $101.40 on this sale.

How much is Reverb fees?

Reverb charges a fee of 5% on the total sale price (including shipping costs) of items sold on their platform.

Does Reverb ship internationally?

Yes, Reverb does allow international shipping. However, it’s important to note that shipping rates and times may vary depending on the destination country and the seller’s preferred shipping carrier.

Additionally, buyers are responsible for any applicable customs fees or taxes that may be incurred upon delivery of their purchase.

It’s recommended that buyers carefully review a seller’s shipping policies and contact them directly with any questions or concerns before making an international purchase.

What happens if the Reverb seller doesn’t ship?

If a Reverb seller doesn’t ship an item, the buyer should contact the seller directly to inquire about the status of the order. If the seller fails to respond or resolve the issue, the buyer can open a case with Reverb’s support team.

Does Reverb pay to PayPal?

Yes, Reverb offers PayPal as a payment option for both buyers and sellers. Sellers can choose to receive payments for their sales through PayPal, along with other payment options such as Reverb Payments or bank transfers.

Is a Reverb account free?

Yes, creating a Reverb account is free. There is no cost to sign up and start browsing and buying items on Reverb.
Sellers on Reverb are also able to create an account for free.

However, there are fees associated with selling items on the platform. Reverb charges a standard 5% selling fee on the total sale price (including shipping costs) of each item sold, as well as payment processing fees for transactions processed through Reverb Payments.


To sum up, a reverb fee calculator can be a highly beneficial tool for those engaged in the sale of music gear online. With the aid of one of these calculators, you can guarantee that your pricing is precise, profitable, and competitive. Not only that but utilizing a reverb fee calculator can also help you save time and effort, all while mitigating the possibility of financial loss.

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