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Mizzou GPA Calculator: Calculate Your GPA at the University of Missouri

If you study at the University of Missouri (Mizzou) wondering how to calculate your GPA? If you want of improving your academic performance and achieve your goals? If so, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll show you how to use the Mizzou GPA calculator, explain what your GPA means, and share some tips on how to boost your grades.

What is GPA?

GPA stands for Grade Point Average, which is a numerical representation of your academic performance in college. Your GPA is calculated by assigning a point value to each grade you receive and averaging them out over time.

How is GPA calculated?

To calculate your GPA, you need to know the grading scale used at your university. At Mizzou, the grading scale is as follows:

  • A+ = 4.0
  • A=4.0
  • A- = 3.7
  • B+ = 3.3
  • B = 3.0
  • B- = 2.7
  • C+ = 2.3
  • C = 2.0
  • C- = 1.7
  • D+ = 1.3
  • D = 1.0
  • F = 0.0

To calculate your GPA, you need to multiply the credit hours for each course by the point value of the grade you received. Then, you add up all the point values and divide them by the total number of credit hours.

For example, if you took a 3-credit-hour course and received an A, you would multiply 3 by 4.0, which equals 12. You would do this for all your courses and add up the point values. Then, you would divide by the total number of credit hours to get your GPA.

How to use the Mizzou GPA calculator

The Mizzou GPA calculator is a free online tool that makes it easy to calculate your GPA. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Go to the Mizzou GPA calculator website.
  2. Enter your current GPA, the number of credit hours you’ve completed, and the number of credit hours you’ve attempted.
  3. Enter the anticipated grade and credit hours for each course you’re currently taking or planning to take.
  4. Click “Calculate” to see your estimated GPA.

It’s important to note that the Mizzou GPA calculator provides an estimate, not an official GPA. Your official GPA is calculated and reported by the university.

What does your GPA mean?

Your GPA is an important measure of your academic performance, and it can have an impact on your future opportunities. Here’s what your GPA means:

  • 4.0 GPA: A perfect GPA means you’ve earned all A’s in your courses.
  • 3.5-3.9 GPA: A high GPA means you’ve earned mostly A’s with a few B’s.
  • 3.0-3.4 GPA: A good GPA means you’ve earned mostly B’s with a few A’s and/or C’s.
  • 2.5-2.9 GPA: A fair GPA means you’ve earned mostly C’s with a few B’s and/or D’s.
  • 2.0



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